Learn with Udemy: New Medical Guide to Longevity Medicine for Physicians

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Introduction to Longevity Medicine

What you’ll learn

  • The emerging discipline of longevity medicine.
  • The recent clinical efforts and applications in aging and longevity.
  • The role of aging in a variety of diseases.
  • The underlying mechanisms of aging and longevity.
  • The emerging science of aging clocks and deep aging clocks.
  • Geroprotectors and the potential longevity interventions.
  • The role of motivation and mindset in aging and longevity.
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Longevity.Science Founder and Editor, is a healthspan hacker and entrepreneur. Following applying longevity science insights to her own life, and healing from a debilitating health condition, it has become her passion to make this knowledge accessible. Maya writes about longevity science, technology and the behavioral interventions that can help you maintain bodily and mental function for as close as possible to the end of life.

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