Super Agers

Who Are Super Agers?

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The phrase ‘super ager’ has become popular in recent times. A super ager is generally defined as a person who is 80 or over whose mental or physical capabilities are are comparable to people who are decades younger. Whether they know it or not, super agers is a healthspan hacker. Their ability to remain young doesn’t happen by accident. Rather, it is the cumulative result of a lifetime of healthy habits of mind and body.

The following four habits are common among super agers:

They remain physically and mentally active
They constantly challenge themselves
They have strong social relationships
They drink alcohol in moderation

Want to join the super agers club? You couldn’t do better than following through on these four lifestyle habits!

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Longevity.Science Founder and Editor, is a healthspan hacker and entrepreneur. Following applying longevity science insights to her own life, and healing from a debilitating health condition, it has become her passion to make this knowledge accessible. Maya writes about longevity science, technology and the behavioral interventions that can help you maintain bodily and mental function for as close as possible to the end of life.

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