Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells that plays a vital role in regulating the body’s nutritional and metabolic status, as well as controlling energy balance and neuroendocrine function. The brain uses leptin to regulate glycemic control, energy balance, and all neuroendocrine functions in humans, making it the master hormone of the brain. The hormone signals the body’s nutritional status to the brain at all times, and the brain uses leptin to control the overall neuroendocrine system. It is also essential for optimal endocrine function and is the dominant factor in obesity.

Dr. Jack Kruse, author of the LeptinRx, suggests that the best way to balance leptin is through a combination of proper nutrition, sleep, exercise, and stress management. Here are some specific tips:

  1. Eat a diet rich in healthy fats, protein, and vegetables, and avoid processed and high-sugar foods.
  2. Practice intermittent fasting to help regulate leptin levels and build metabolic flexibiltiy.
  3. Get plenty of high-quality sleep, preferably in complete darkness and at consistent times.
  4. Engage in regular exercise, preferably outdoors in natural sunlight.
  5. Manage stress through practices like meditation and deep breathing.

By following these guidelines is a powerful bio-hack. It can help you balance your leptin levels, improve your energy level and focus and expend your healthspan.

For many years, despite ample proof against genetic determinism, the notion that our genes were malleable was considered untenable. The predominant belief was that our genetic blueprint predetermined our fate and that we were powerless to effect change. However, a series of breakthroughs in the field of Epigenetics have shown that we can profoundly influence our genes through our choices, environment, behavior, and even our thoughts and emotions.

On October 1st, 2020, some of the world’s most renowned longevity exports gathered in the beautiful ski resort of San Mortiz, Switzerland. They were there for the Longevity Investors Conference to speak before an audience of wealthy potential financial investors.

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